Standardized Testing

Fall 2021 Renaissance Star Scores

Three times a year, elementary schools  in the  Catholic Diocese of Wilmington (CDOW) administer Renaissance Star, a national standardized assessment tool used in public, private, and parochial schools across the nation. This standardized assessment indicates that students at St. Ann School performed above the national mean score ( 50th percentile) and also out performed  the diocese in math, reading and early literacy on the Fall 2021  administration.



Renaissance Star Early Literacy 

Star Early Literacy scores represent how well pre-reading  Kindergarten  students understand concepts and possess specific skills that are important in the development of reading ability.  St. Ann School Kindergarten (86% ile) performed above the national mean score ( 50% ile) and above the  diocesan schools (75 % ile) on the Fall 2021 test administration.