A Day of Giving to St Ann School


We are companions on the journey, breaking bread and sharing life;  and in the love we bear is the hope we share for we believe in the love of our God, we believe in the love of our God. No longer strangers to each other, no longer strangers in God’s house; we are fed and we are nourished by the strength of those who care, by the strength of those who care.

St Ann School is a community of students, teachers, parents, neighbors and friends joined together as Companions on a Journey. "We are fed and we are nourished by the strength of those who care". These words encompass what is special about St Ann School. The love for learning, the love for the children shown by the teachers and faculty, the love the students have for each other. The love from the parents and community that support the school.

On February 2nd, 2022, we hope you continue to show your love and support of St Ann School on our
24 hour 
Day of Giving

This year, with your support, we hope to get "smarter"! We aim to replace the old "smart " boards in each classroom with the latest educational technology. 

The OneScreen, high resolution 75", crisp, bright flat screens will enhance teaching, classroom collaboration, and student engagement.  The interactive touch screens for "presenting, streaming, screen sharing, searching, drawing, lesson planning, whiteboarding and more will ensure our mission of providing an education strong in faith, academic excellence and service continues.

This 24 hour Day of Giving to St Ann School is an opportunity to acknowledge the great gift of Catholic education for our children and ensure that future generations can continue to benefit from this gift.

Your donation to St. Ann School during this nationwide Day of Giving will help us continue to provide an outstanding education - strong in faith, academics, and service. Thank you for your support!

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